A global network of trusted and proven affiliated business consultants acting locally to bring projects over the finish line quickly and efficiently.

Victor Advisors operates in conjunction with a group of associated business consultants and organizations located in the United States and in key countries throughout the world. Consulting projects are staffed with a combination of U.S-based advisors and local, on-the-ground professionals, providing the most up-to-date market, business and legal intelligence with affordable and responsive follow-up and implementation.

Affiliates in Asia



China Media Monitoring Intelligence, Ltd.
CMM-I is the leading business to business information resource for the Chinese media industries. CMM-I has been providing high value information products and services direct to international and Chinese media corporations, trade publishers and events organizers since 1990. As an independent media trade facilitator, CMM-I provides in-depth services to foreign companies dealing with and entering into the Chinese media market and Chinese companies exploring new opportunities to engage with international markets. CMM-I fulfills these tasks with a highly qualified, experienced and international bi- and tri-lingual team which works closely with its commercial clients and trade partners from offices in central Beijing.

India and Singapore

Strategy Plus Consultants
Strategy Plus specializes in advising multinational companies in the FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, IT, Electronics, Food & Beverage, and Entertainment & Media sectors on marketing, communication, forecasting, market entry and new media. The company utilizes a range of its proprietary products on most of its assignments. Not only does the senior management of Strategy Plus advise clients but their hands-on culture ensures that the company oversees the whole implementation process. The company’s geographic experience spans most of Asia and the Middle East.


Composed of marketing and media professionals — experienced executives with years of industry experience — iMediaworks provides market intelligence, marketing strategy and brand-building advice, project management, and transactional business advice and assistance in the media industry in Indonesia.

Affiliates in Latin America


Mecânica is a communication company acting in the Brazilian market for over 25 years. Mecânica is an open door agency, working with all media formats. Mecânica offers strategic solutions that drive optimized results, using marketing tools adapted to best suit client needs. Mecânica believes that the convergence of all media should be explored to maximum extent in order to make its clients stand out from the crowd.


Communication Corporativa Consultores
CCConsultores is a creative consulting company that aims to create more value for clients (national and international) through strategies (communication, social & institutional marketing, and public relations). It designs, develops, and implements 360° approaches, looking for-out-of-the-box opportunities that surpass expectations with tailor-made services. Focus areas include: relationships with media, social and cause-related marketing strategies and plans, relationships with community/government, strategic joint venture partnerships.

Affiliates in North America

United States

Smith J. Harvey, LLC
Smith J. Harvey LLC offers management and organizational consulting services directed towards maximizing the effectiveness of corporate structure and enhancing performance of employees. Using state-of-the-art human resources analytics, Smith J Harvey LLC provides a comprehensive evaluation of corporate efficiencies and organizational performance, with straightforward recommendations for improving operations and results. In addition, Smith J Harvey LLC conducts professional mediation services; provides strategic workshops, training and planning guidance and assistance to bring about desired and targeted outcomes; and offers executive coaching with tailored leadership advice, guidance and counsel.

Linchpin Consulting Group
With over 25 years of experience in the media and entertainment industry, Marc Schneider, principal of Linchpin Consulting Group, has consistently provided operational and financial leadership in managing and growing profitable businesses. With full time and consulting experience at CBS, Sesame Workshop, Random House, HIT Entertainment, WordWorld, Callaway Arts & Entertainment and several start ups, Linchpin Consulting Group delivers expert financial advice as well as business development and negotiating strategies.

Affiliates in the Middle East


MindSet Media and Strategic Consulting
MindSet Media and Strategic Consulting is a Jerusalem-based firm offering a wide range of services and expertise with a professional, hands-on creative and strategic approach to projects and clients; specializing in the political, social, cultural and philanthropic intersection of Israel and the global community, particularly North America. MindSet services include strategic consulting, public relations, media outreach and marketing, political networking, representation in Israel, and project oversight from strategy, logistics and implementation through analysis and evaluation.

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