Practical, innovative and affordable legal counsel, deal-making and business development.

Victor Advisors PLLC provides:

  • Rockefeller CenterLegal advice and services…full-service legal advice, guidance and counsel consistent with legal best-practices and state-of-the-art legal principles, resulting in clear, understandable, and enforceable contracts and agreements.
  • Deal-making…conceiving and structuring transactions to maximize the achievement of financial and strategic goals; focused and efficient formulation and presentation of basic business and legal terms; negotiation of terms and conditions carefully tailored to achieve transactional imperatives and objectives; quick and comprehensive drafting of memoranda of understanding, agreements-in-principle, term sheets and definitive agreements.
  • Business Planning and Development…a practical and reality-based approach to planning and developing compelling business propositions with minimal investment and competitive returns in a challenging domestic and international environment.